1.1 The following regulations determine the rules of renting apartments through the medium of, which belongs to Home3city Nieruchomości Tomasz Paszkowski. Making a reservation is synonymous to accepting the regulations and price list together with the confirmation of the contract of rent between firm Home3city Nieruchomości Tomasz Paszkowski and the client.
    1.2 The contract includes only the rent of the apartment without organizing the travel and food. 
    1.3 The client must be of full age.

    2.1 The reservation takes place only by sending an application form from the page or by sending a request on
    2.2 After sending the application form or the request the client in return gets the information about preliminary realization of the reservation, together with the fixed date of the advanced payment. The payment must be paid on a bank account and its minimum amount is :
      a) 30% of the value of the reservations, when reserved at least 48h before arrival at the apartment,
      b) 100% of the value of the reservation, when done shorter than 48h before arrival at the apartment
  3. 2.3 The confirmation of the reservation is done, only after a 'confirmation of advanced payment' is sent on or faxed on +48 58 555 11 55. The 'confirmation of advanced payment' can also be an internet bank account transfer confirmation or a scanned payment evidence. 
    2.4 Not delivering the confirmation of advanced payment is synonymous to cancelling the reservation and contract of rent. 
    2.5 In case of resignation from the reservation (stay in the apartment) the advanced payment won't be returned (art. 394 Civil Law Code) In case of fulfillment of the stay the advanced payment will be included in the clients charge.
    2.6 After delivering the confirmation of payment the client receives the information confirming his/her reservation.
    2.7 For his/her stay the client receives a bill (or invoice), if he/she informs about this fact in the moment of delivering an apartment reservation request.
    2.8 The client has the possibility of changing the number of guests and the time of the stay in his/her reservation. This can be done only by mail or e-mail.
    2.9 In case of changes containing shortening of the stay, which are done 48h before arrival at the apartment, the client is obligated to pay 50% of the charge for the shortened days.

    3.1 Arrivals and departures at the apartments take place between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., particularly :
      a) arrivals take place between 2:30 p.m. and 8 p.m.,
      b) departures take place between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m,
    3.2 There is a possibility of fixing an individual arrival/departure time (in different hours than listed above) but this must be discussed with our office at least 2 working days before arrival or when make a reservation of the apartment.
    3.3 It is allowed to arrive/depart at/from the apartment in different hours (but not later than 00.30 a.m. for arrivals and no earlier than 6.30 a.m. for departures) but for each time a 70PLN (after 8PM) or 100 PLN (after 10:30PM) fee is collected. 
    3.4 In one day before the arrival/departure (minimum 24 hours before) to/from the apartment we would like You to contact us by phone (between 11:00am-8:00pm) with our employee in order to fix the hour of the arrival/departure and hand over the keys to the apartment.
    Contact : tel. +48 698 330 230 or +48 58 555 11 05
    3.5 In case of arrival/departures without earliest contact and information of bring closer hour of arrive/depart (min 24h before arrival/departures) Home3city reserves the time to about 3h on arrival to apartment.
    3.6 Client is obligated to: have identity card or passport, signs agreement and pay the rest of amount cash. 
    3.7 Resident has possibility to not hand over the key to a person that is under the influence of alcohol, substances, or that presents an aggressive behavior that endangers himself or others.
    3.8 In case of :
      a) disturb night time between 10 pm- 8am 
      b) change number of persons staying (sleeping) in apartment than indicated in agreement ,

    Home3City Nieruchomości is entitled to break the agreement with immediate effect without an obligation to return the amount due for the remaining time of reservation.
    3.9 Home3city allows pets to stay with their owners in the rented Apartments. Full responsibility for any damage caused by the animals shall bear the client. Additional fee is charged for each day the animal stays in the Apartment. Not all apartments allow pets to stay in.
    3.10 For things left by client in apartment Home3city do not take charge. 
    3.11 For some apartments collected is a deposit.

    4.1 Home3city Nieruchomości Tomasz Paszkowski reserves the right to offer the Guests a replacement apartment similar to the apartment originally reserved in case that circumstances that could not be foreseen occur, the effect of which cannot be immediately eliminated and normal use of apartment making impossible. 
    4.2 Home3city Nieruchomości Tomasz Paszkowski is entitled to withdraw from the Agreement in case that events of force majeure occur. In such cases amounts paid are immediately returned with deduction of the amounts due for services already provided.

    5.1 In each case the inconvenience and incompatibility of the offer with the description presented via the website and the related sites, the Customer has the right to file a complaint by e-mail or post. Each complaint is considered individually with due diligence within 30 days from the date of registration of the complaint

    6.1 Any notes and questions concerning renting the apartments should be sent by e-mail or phone.
    6.2. Personal data provided by the Customer are processed by Home3city only for the purposes of the implementation of the apartment rental agreement. All personal data is destroyed within 1 year from the date of expiry of the contract or possible resignation. In the event of the client's resignation from the contract or the clients right to delete personal data, the contract can not be concluded, for technical reasons or in case of conclusion, continued.
    6.3. The customer voluntarily agrees to the processing of personal data by Home3City Tomasz Paszkowski with its registered office at 5/1 Morska St. in Sopot, for purposes related to the reservation ,and for sending vis e-mail commercial information related only to Home3city Nieruchomości Tomasz Paszkowski. The basis for data processing is the customer's consent, expressed through acceptance of the regulations. In the absence of providing personal data, the contrat can not be concluded for technical reasons. The customer has the right to correct, control, limit the processing of his data and withdraw consent at any time and resign from receiving commercial information. The customer also has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body.
    6.4. All regulations not included here are regulated by the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (referred to as "RODO", "ORODO", "GDPR" or "General Regulation on Data Protection")

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